Road Trip to Fairy Meadows

Date: 2016-07-12 Posted by: Arslan Keywords: fairy meadows, nanga parbat

I remembered my road trip to fairy meadows. Exactly from one year back on 27th of April my friends were deciding to arrange adventurous road trip with me and everyone was giving suggestions of different places to visit but most of those places are easily reachable and very common places but on the very next day we had come to know that there is a places which know as most adventurous place to reach and it’s a piece of heaven and most amazing thing about that place is its very near to NAGA PARBAT the mountain which is known as killer mountain in Pakistan and second largest mountain in the home so we decided that we will go there and try to estimates each and every thing about the cost and about the things that we will need to have and after get the everything done we move toward our journey.

So here the journey starts…

 Five friends (ARSALAN, ANAS, SIBTAIN, ZESHAN and UZAIR) have been moved from Lahore towards fairy meadows. I was the one who was driving and the only one who has the experience of driving on mountains side but when reached KALAK KAHAR we decided lets divide the driving hours so that everyone is able to enjoy the trip and no one gets tired and let arsalan rest for now because he have to drive on mountain side so after taking some rest we continue with our journey after some time we had a feeling of starving although we had food with us but we decided to keep that food for remaining journey so decisions was made that we will had some food  in super market of Islamabad and by almost after half hour we were there and the weather was about drop waster on the land of Islamabad and after having the food we all thinking about when we going to reach our destination because we were wasting so much time on different thing for having food for taking rest and something else so we decided we not going to waste our time and  lets straight move towards our final destination and times goes on the distance become shorter and shorter and after the driving of 18 hours we finally on babusar top which is known as  the place where you talk with clouds. That was the place that forces to stop and have some pictures over there. We had been there for 1 hour but those 18 hours of driving tired us a lot but still that one hour I will never forget. Somehow we start our journey again and till we reached at Raicort sae bridge the water of kunhar river which is continuously moving aside the road and water was changing his color from dark green to light green then from light green into blue that was a beautiful view and after reaching at rai cort sae bridge we came to know that the fairy meadows is now up to the mountain and we have to book a special jeep for that and we did so and that jeep drop us at a certain point and then what we see there is narrow track  that we crossed in almost 4 hours which is  extremely adventurous track I have ever seen and the  track passes through a forest that what give us that enjoy which we want in our adventurous road tip that  means we were loving that time and at last after the hard time passes we were there to the fairy meadows after reaching that point we realize that our hardworking is not wasted. that was really a piece of heaven the killer mountain was in front of us and whenever we come out fm our cottages that beautiful mountain was in front of us and relaxes our body and that milky way release you from every pain of world.


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Rafique Nabeel 2017-12-11

Fairy meadows is real a wounder of the world.

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