Swat Trip with my family

Date: 2017-06-07 Posted by: Fasih Rai Keywords: swat, mallam jabba

We all know it is the famous area because of his natural beauty and we can feel the nature there. This is the reason people called it “part of heaven ‘’. It is the part of NWFP of Pakistan. I visited in swat in the last Ramadan with my family and we spend our 15 days.



Kalam is situated in swat 99km away from Mingora and surrounded by green hills and swat river as well. The thing is that the weather because we were there in Ramadan and we didn’t feel thirsty. We selected the hotel at edge of swat river in kalam which was the most horrible moment at the start. I just cannot explain the speed of the water. I observed one thing there, in the night the level of water goes up and in the morning, it goes down. This area is too male dominant. I had never seen a single woman belong to this area in bazar.

Mehudond Lake

It is sisuated at the upper usho valley at the distance about 40km from kalam. I think it was the lake from where the swat river start. When we were to this lake the 40-km journey took approximately 3 hours because a lot glaciers came in our way and the driver used heavy chains on the tires. This lake in only accessible by four-wheel drive. One the most difficult journey of my life. We used here fishing and botting there. It came to know from the people who worked there that there is no exact figure of depth of this lake.

Mallam Jabba

We also visited mallam jabba which situated in swat. This is a hill station four hours’ drive from Bahrain. When we were going, we get passed by ten to twelve check posts. When get stayed there in army quarter and there was an army officer who told me how the Zarb-e-asab operation get planned and success here. It was the inspiring moment for me. There were also ski resort and a chair lift under construction at that time. The pictures I clicked there with my family and because of privacy issues I cannot share it. It was the off season due to Ramadan that is why I did not get crowd there.

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