Three Days in Murree

Date: 2017-01-01 Posted by: salman aziz Keywords: murree, ayubia, nathia gali

Murree is one of the most popular hill station in Pakistan which is seven thousand above from the sea level. As we know weather remain charming all the year. I have visited many time in my life but recently I visited in January 2017 just before to start my sixth semester of BBA(H).


Mall Road

Mall road is famous place in Murree. This road contains full of life, restaurants, hotel and handicraft shops. Mostly people use to stay there because everything is available there and also the place is always full of tourists not only from Pakistan but from foreign as well.

People enjoy there a lot and they always try to visit mall road during snow fall and raining as well because Crowd always keep a place alive.



It is One of the top site of Murree and people always visit this because it is on top so we also visited there not only to visit but also to see snowfall and the beauty of that place and also the place is full of wild animals specially monkeys and they always entertain tourists with their clever tricks of snatching food. He bad thing happened with us we stuck in the traffic because of avalanche. But there we got the help of Pak army. Our all metallic body cell phone off, although battery was charged.

Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is also one of the best place in Murree as we spent almost a full day there because the Sajji was very delicious and the place is covered with monkeys as well. they always entertain you a lot. Mostly, it gets affected by rain but it is also most crowded place in Murree.

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