Tour to Kaghan Valley

Date: 2016-05-03 Posted by: shehryar javaid Keywords: kaghan, babusar top, lulusar lake

I visited this place in the last semester break and I was really amazed to see the beauty of this province of Pakistan because I have never travelled outside PUNJAB so me and my friend visited there and the places in this place are so much beautiful that people just stop thinking about everything and the only thing they notice and feel is nature.

Kaghan Valley

It is the are full of mountains and I was shocked to see that mountains are so long in height that they are crossing the clouds and almost every mountain was covered with snow. It was a wonderful feeling that the whole time there I was thinking about the mountains and specially the river which was the life of Narran and the Chashmas from where people of Narran drink Water which is much pure then the branded water as well. in this picture, I am standing at the top of the Naran hti hill and the river we can see is the Kunhar river of the naran. It required 3 hours to reach at this point. One of the best moment of my life.

Lulusar Lake

I think a lot about this because this was just beyond imaginations as no one can tell from where this lake is getting water some say that it’s so deep that it cannot be measured and divers tried a lot but they died in doing so because the water is too much cold. we enjoyed boating there and also horse riding and people mostly walk there because the place is rocky and jeeps cannot reach the views so we had to travel by foot. Here I am standing at the edge of lulusar lake.

Babusar Top

It is the highest point of the Naran kaghan because it is 13691 feet high from sea level.I was freezing there because that place was just as cold as ice every thig was covered with snow and people were eating just boiled eggs and other hot thing to warm themselves and we did the same because the breeze was very cold that our lips started freezing so we just took some photos and left the place.


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