Hunza Valley

Siri Paye Shogran

6 Days Tour to Hunza Valley and Khunjerab Pass

6 Days tour to the highest mountain ranges of the world in Hunza Valley, Gilgit Baltistan. Starting from Lahore, by transiting from Kaghan Valley and crossing Babusar Pass, you can see beautiful views of Hunza Valley including Baltit fort and Altit fort visit. And finally back to Lahore after visiting the highest international border between China and Pakistan at Khunjrab Pass.

Visit Plan

Day 1

Departure from Lahore to Islamabad, Short stay will be for dinner on one of Motorway Terminal.

Day 2

Short stay near Islamabad for dinner as well as getting visitors from Islamabad

Lunch at Naran

Visit Lulusar Lake & Night Stay nearby

Day 3

Short Stay at Babusar Top

Lunch near Raikot Bridge and site seeing Nanga Parbat

Night Stay at Hunza

Day 4

Visit Altit Fort and Baltit Fort

Explore Hunza Valley

Day 5

Visit Atta Abad Lake

Visit Khunjrab Pass

Departure for Naran

Visit Naran Bazar for Shopping

Night Stay at Naran

Day 6

Departure for Lahore

Tour Features

Main Conveyance
Hiace full AC with comfortable & luxury seats. Auto door system
Transit Conveyance
Any special conveyance such as jeep, rikshaw, taxi, etc. is not included in the package.
No food included in the package
Accommodation is provided which are best and comfortable as per the weather and area.
Guide Services
Guide is always there to guide the location to visit. You can also provided map if required.
No special funds are given for any fee or tickets for parks, boating, etc.
Misc charges
No private porter or special private expenses are provided such as medical, medication, shopping or any other. Only basic first aid will be provided. In case of any unexpected event such as landsliding, road crush, or uncertain weather, any extra expenses must be paid by visitor.

Tour Charges Detail

  • Total (with food): 17500
  • Total (without food): 17500
  • Discount (overall for group) : 3000(Group of four)
  • Discount (full booking) : 15000(Group of four)

Tour Information

  • Last Registration Date : 2021-08-15
  • Category : Hill Stations
  • Tour Days : 6
  • Difficulty Level : Beginner
  • No of Visitors : 12
  • Departure : 2021-08-18 21:00:00 from Lahore
  • Arrival : 2021-08-23 23:00:00 at Lahore

Extra Services

Things not included in package

  • No private porter is provided.
  • No medical and special medicines except first aid.
  • In case of disaster such as landsliding, earthquakes, etc, no funds are provided for rescue.

Terms and Conditions to Travel

  • All of information such as your personal bio-data is never disclosed to anyone.
  • No personal comments are allowed on any other tourist while traveling.
  • Discussion related to politics, sensitive religious matters, unethical talks, etc. is not allowed,
  • Do not swim in lakes or rivers.
  • Fishing is not allowed without permit.
  • Do not move inside army prohibited areas.
  • Be polite if there are female participants.
  • Tourist must have National ID card and some other document to his identity. For international tourist, he must have original passport and other authority letters to visit some locations.
  • Visitor is liable to pay any damages or loss occurred by him, during the stay in hotels, and traveling in vehicle.
  • No refund after the second last day before departure.