Mountains, Valleys & Lakes: Pakistan! A Tourist's Haven

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While it is hard to imagine a country with the most magnificent landscapes, rugged peaks, concealed villages and wind-swept plains, there is one country in South Asia that checks all of your boxes. What if we told you that there is everything you could possibly imagine in a country called Pakistan? A country like Pakistan is essentially known as a haven for tourists. This is due to the fact that there is everything a tourist wishes to see and experience in just one country.

There is some wonder as well as enigma surrounding Pakistan, which makes it ever so slightly more intriguing to visit. If you wish to see marvellous mountains, valleys, rivers and more in one trip, Pakistan is your best bet. Since little information regarding tourism is available compared to other countries, you have to do a vast amount of research before adding the dazzling country to your travel itinerary. The first thing you need is a reliable online pharmacy such as emeds to get medical supplies regardless of where you are.

Once you have figured out the essentials, you can add the following places to your travel itinerary when you are planning your trip.


Pakistan is a safe country with so many wonders holstered under its belt. One could say it is utterly dazzling, and the beauty of it all is more jaw-dropping in person than when you look up the pictures online. That feeling you get when you first lay eyes on the gorgeous sights of the country's natural wonders is truly unmatched.

Pakistan has it all. From stunning Mughal palaces to the crystal clear waters of lakes in big, broad valleys. The natural wonders are as unique as they are fascinating. Following are the ten beautiful tourist spots that you need to visit:

Places to Visit In Pakistan

1. Hunza Valley

The first valley on the list is the infamous Hunza valley. The secluded valley is known as a hidden gem of Pakistan. You can find it in the province of Gilgit Baltistan. The Hunza valley is located between the Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain ranges. This fruitful valley has farming land that has invariably been a remarkable sightseer attraction. It has magnificent views, and very hospitable people reside there.

Furthermore, you can find yourself immersed in the sense of tranquillity and solitude in the beautiful valleys of Hunza. The plain and rough mountains cause you to feel like you are walking through paradise.

2. Margala Hills

Margalla Hills is a National Park that can be found in the foothills of the Himalayan range. The landscape is stunning, with multiple canyons and numerous steep and slopes. The River Kurang surrounds the area along with its side streams. These tributaries continue to flow into the River Soan.

Moreover, this national park is the most convenient park in Pakistan since it is close in proximity to the capital of the country, Islamabad. In addition to that, there is a visitor centre called Daman-e-Koh. It is a viewing point that provides lounge capacity as well as information on the nearby tourist spots. There are camping grounds, picnic sites, and lodges arranged for families who visit.

3. Attabad Lake

The blue turquoise waters represent Attabad Lake. The spectacular beauty is found between glistening mountains. The lake continues to be a source of livelihood for the residents of Attabad. The source of income heavily relies on their small guesthouses and hotels near the lake.

On top of that, tourists can enjoy it by participating in several recreational activities such as jet skiing, fishing, boating, and plenty more.

4. Shogran Valley

Shogran Valley is an undersized hill station located in the Kaghan area. The valley is full of luxury hotels, motels and more. Quite similar to the hustling and bustling that occurs during summers in Naran Kaghan, the Shogran Valley is filled with visitors and families.

5. Deosai Plains

Deosai National Park is a fertile plateau engulfed by thousands of flowers. This beautiful field of flowers attracts butterflies, bees and stunning birds all the time. Deosai is discovered on the border of the Karakoram and the west part of the Himalayas. These plains are covered in snow for more than eight months of the year, while for the rest of the year, a wide range of colourful flowers is displayed.

6. Sheosar Lake

Additionally, Sheosar Lake is a part of Deosai Plains. As a matter of fact, this lake is one of the most elevated lakes in the world. The crystal blue water beside the snow adorning cliffs in the background of the beautiful flower field is a spectacular experience.

7. Gojal Valley

A valley that borders China and Afghanistan - Gojal Valley. The border of this valley meets the Chinese border at Khunjerab. Gojal Valley tends to remain covered in snow throughout the year.

8. Gorak Hill

There is only one place that has snowfall in Sindh, and that is Gorak Hill. Gorakh Hills are famous for being a scenic plain that is a significant part of the Kirthar Mountain Range. This mountain range manages to cover the entirety of Sindh's border as well as Balochistan in the west.

The Bottom Line

Pakistan has a lot of things to offer. The country has a vibrant cultural background and vast languages; it is very diverse and has spectacular cuisine. But, one thing to be extra thankful for; the beautiful scenic landscapes and locations. There is so much to explore, and you should begin by visiting the locations aforementioned.


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There is only one place that has snowfall in Sindh, and that is Gorak Hill. Gorakh Hills are famous for being a scenic plain that is a significant part of the Kirthar Mountain Range. This mountain range manages to cover the entirety of Sindh's border as well as Balochistan in the west.

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