10 most beautiful Canals in punjab Pakistan

Khanpur Canal

Khanpur Canal, also known as Canal Upper Chenab, starts from the River Chenab at Head Marala and ends in the River Ravi. It is beautiful lake within the shades of trees, which give it a very splendid view at various locations. One of that beautiful and charming location is near Sheikhupura on Lahore-Sargodha Road. People often stay there to enjoy the cool breeze and pleasant atmosphere of Khanpur Canal.

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Canal from Head Tareemo

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Boating in Canal

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Beautiful view of Marala Ravi Link Canal

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Balloki-Sulemanki Link Canal

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Calm atmosphere at Khanpur Canal

Calm and beautiful scene of Khanpur Canal near Sheikhupura at on the side of Lahore Sargodha Road, you can enjoy entables and chat with your family members at there in very romantic atmosphere.

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BRB Canal

BRB, Bambawali Ravi Bedian Canal, is started from Wazirabad Nandipur Canal and finally ends in the River Satluj for the purpose to irrigate the surrounding agricultural land. It also serves as a defense line for Pakistan against India. The famous Lahore Canal in Lahore is generated from it from Jallo.

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