10 most beautiful Lakes & Rivers in gilgit-baltistan Pakistan

Rakaposhi Nallah

Rakaposhi is clearly visible and gives a splendid view of its peak just from the Karakoram Highway in Ghulmat, Nagar. At view point, Rakaposhi Nallah joins with the Hunza River, a trek leads along the Rakaposhi Nallah to get the most charming and eye-catching views of Rakaposhi, but this trek is not suitable to access Rakaposhi Base Camp. Rakaposhi Base Camp can be accessed from Minapin trek from Minapin town.

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Water Tank in Altit Town

There is a huge water tank inside the Altit Town, Hunza, which is used by locals for various household usages as well as drinking purpose. Water is collected from the nearby streams in the town.

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Chillum Nallah

The Chillum Nallah is comming from Deosai Plains in the Astore District and merges with the Astore River at Chillum. It gives a beautiful views just before Deosai Plains in Astore District.

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Das Khirin Gah

Das Khirin Gah is a stream near Chillum in Astore, Gilgit-Baltistan. It joins with Astore River and flowing through the lush green landscape around it.

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Shekong is a beautiful small village near Gudai, Astore in Gilgit-Baltistan. It is a lush green village with number of fields of seasonal vegetables and crops.

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Spring at Dashkin

Dashkin is a small beautiful village near Harcho at the distance of 16 km from Astore Village. It is popular for wildlife such as Astor markhor and snow leopard. Area is also popular for natural resources such as gemstones.

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Nanga Parbat in Clouds

The weather conditions of Nanga Parbat Mountain is mostly uncertain, within few minutes, it covers with clouds. Decline in tempatures, heavey rains and storms may be expected in few minutes.

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