10 most beautiful Dams in punjab Pakistan

Head Balloki

Head Balloki is situdated at the distance of 64 km from Lahore in Bhai Pheru on the Ravi River, turn right on Bhai-Pheru-Head Balloki Road from G. T. Road. Two canals are generated from this head Balloki-Sulemanki Link Canal and Lower Bari Canal. It is a good spot for fishing in winter seasan, there are also number of fish shops, where you can enjoy the freshness of Balloki fish.

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Head Tareemo

Head Tareemo, also called Trimmu Barrage, is located on the Chenab River near the village Atharan Hazari in Jhang at the distance of 290 km from Lahore on Lahore-Islamabad M-2, turn on left from Pindi Bhattian interchange on Moterway M-4. Turn left for Jhang-Gojra Road and finally drive on Noorpur Thal-Shergarh Road to access the Head Treemmo. There is a confluence of the River Jhelum and River Chenab before this barrage. The purpose of this barrage is to control the flow of water in the River Chenab for irrigation usage.

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Faisal Mosque from Daman-e-koh

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Rawal Dam

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Dames Lake

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Head Marala

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Domeli Dam

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Mangla Dam Front View

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