10 most beautiful Rivers in Pakistan

Kunhar River

The Kunhar River flows in the deep ridges in Kaghan Valley, while travelling on side of you are the lush green high mountains and on other side the Kunhar River in the depth of hundereds of feet.

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Panjkora River

Panjkora River is flowing through the valley and also one of the main river in Dir district. It finally merges with the Swat River in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan.

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Swat River

The Swat River is the main river in Swat Valley, which is formed after merger of two rivers the Ushu River and the Gabral River in Kalam. The Swat River flows with a rushing high speed in the begin part of the Swat valley and then after Madyan, it flows smoothly in the plains of Swat. The Swat River merges with the Kabul River near Charsadda.

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Chillum Nallah

The Chillum Nallah is comming from Deosai Plains in the Astore District and merges with the Astore River at Chillum. It gives a beautiful views just before Deosai Plains in Astore District.

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Rakaposhi Nallah

Rakaposhi is clearly visible and gives a splendid view of its peak just from the Karakoram Highway in Ghulmat, Nagar. At view point, Rakaposhi Nallah joins with the Hunza River, a trek leads along the Rakaposhi Nallah to get the most charming and eye-catching views of Rakaposhi, but this trek is not suitable to access Rakaposhi Base Camp. Rakaposhi Base Camp can be accessed from Minapin trek from Minapin town.

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Astore River

Astore River flows throughout the valley from the Deosai Plain in the deep gorges of high mountains along the Astore Valley Road and finally joins the Gilgit River.

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Gambhir River Soon Valley

Gambhir River is one of the river in the Soon Valley, which is used to fulfill water needs in the area. It is the main source of water in Kanhatti Garden to water its plants and crops. It merges with the Sawan River, which finally merges with Indus River near Kala Bagh.

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Boating in Uchalli Lake

In the vast area of the Uchalli Lake water, boating will be a fun and also a wonderful experience in observing the migrating birds from Central Asia such as ducks, seagulls, etc. In the mid of lake, there is splendid views of shades of surrounding towns with shining mountains in water.

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