10 most beautiful Rivers in Pakistan

Boating in Uchalli Lake

In the vast area of the Uchalli Lake water, boating will be a fun and also a wonderful experience in observing the migrating birds from Central Asia such as ducks, seagulls, etc. In the mid of lake, there is splendid views of shades of surrounding towns with shining mountains in water.

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Passage to Jahlar Lake

The road via Surki village leads to Jahlar Lake, is curved on the Soon Valley mountains with a very unique picturesque views. In the middle of trek, you are on the height of this area, and you can see broader and vast view of the Soon Valley especially the main town of the Soon Valley, Naushera.

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Confluence of Indus and Gilgit

The Gilgit River merges with the Indus River at Jaglot. The view of their confluence is splendid within the high mountains of three ranges. The Indus River is the largest river of Pakistan, whereas the Gilgit River is the main river in Gilgit-Baltistan which joins with the Indus River at this point in Jaglot.

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Das Khirin Gah

Das Khirin Gah is a stream near Chillum in Astore, Gilgit-Baltistan. It joins with Astore River and flowing through the lush green landscape around it.

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