10 most beautiful Rivers in Pakistan

Magical view of Kanhatti Waterfall

Behind the small lake in Kanhatti Garden, the beautiful view of waterfall, has a magical impact on the tourists. They love to stay there for number of hours to enjoy the pleasant weather there.

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Crystal Clear Water Uchalli Lake

Instead of that the water of Uchali Lake is lifeless, it is crystal clear and surface area of lake is easily seen from the water top. Due to salinity in water, its represents shining surface in sunlight.

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Passage to Jahlar Lake

The road via Surki village leads to Jahlar Lake, is curved on the Soon Valley mountains with a very unique picturesque views. In the middle of trek, you are on the height of this area, and you can see broader and vast view of the Soon Valley especially the main town of the Soon Valley, Naushera.

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Panjkora River

Panjkora River is flowing through the valley and also one of the main river in Dir district. It finally merges with the Swat River in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan.

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The Swat River

The Swat River is the main river in Swat Valley, which is formed after merger of two rivers the Ushu River and the Gabral River in Kalam. The Swat River flows with a rushing high speed in the begin part of the Swat valley and then after Madyan, it flows smoothly in the plains of Swat. The Swat River merges with the Kabul River near Charsadda.

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View of Hunza River from Altit Fort

From the Altit Fort, a splendid view of the Hunza River and Karakoram Highway can be memory forever for the tourists coming at Altit Fort.

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Neelum River crossing Muzzafarabad

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Hunza River in Jutal

As Jutal is located along the side of the Hunza River, so its landscape is beautiful with with lush green trees and pleasant weather. The Hunza River gives splendid scenic views here, which attracts tourist to have a short break in the journey toward Khunjerab Pass.

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Confluence of Indus and Gilgit

The Gilgit River merges with the Indus River at Jaglot. The view of their confluence is splendid within the high mountains of three ranges. The Indus River is the largest river of Pakistan, whereas the Gilgit River is the main river in Gilgit-Baltistan which joins with the Indus River at this point in Jaglot.

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Clouds at Sharda Valley

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