10 most famous Commercial Markets in punjab Pakistan

Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi Bahauddin is situated between the Jhelum River and the Chenab River, at the distance of 190 km from Lahore It is a central part of the Chaj Doab between the Jhelum River and the Chenab River, the is fertile land and suitable for different types of crops. It was one of the largest and important grain market developed in the British regime.

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Centaurus Mall Islamabad

There are number of high rising building in Islamabad, one of them is the Centaurus which is beautifully designed by the British firm. It has three skyscrapers, containing 36 floors, with hotels, shopping mall, and residential floors.

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Kalam Bazaar

Kalam bazaar is one of the main attraction for tourists in Kalam to learn about the local culture and food. Number of retail shops are there, where you can purchase local products such as ladies shirts, swati caps, etc.

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