10 most famous Roads in Balochistan Pakistan

Treks in Hingol National Park

Treks inside the peaks in the Hingol National Park are the one of the most beautifully trek in Pakistan. The Hingol National Park is most beautiful tourist location for the visitors in Balochistan. Tourist can enjoy the beauty of treks inside the Hingol National Park, which become the memories for tourists.

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Trek toward Gondrani Cave

From the Lasbela City, a small road leads toward Gondrani Cave City, after 15 KM travelling, a trek leads toward mountain top, which is not easy to travell. Trek is steep and full of rock structure, so it becomes difficult to walk. If you have 4x4 vehicle, then it can be benefit for you. Along the trek, there is small stream flowing from the top, it becomes a blessing for traveller to enjoy the journey.

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