10 most beautiful Streams in Pakistan

Hotels in Naushehra

Naushera is the main town and base camp in the Soon Valley, all of the major tourist attractions are located around it. It is has all of the main facilities such as hotels, restaurants, shops, communication centers, etc. Public transports is also available here to access different areas of the Soon Valley.

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Kenhatti Waterfall

At the end of trek in Kenhatti Garden, a beautiful and fantastic waterfall is one of another attraction for tourist. They can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere around the small lake near waterfall and even take bathe but be careful as stones and rocks are slippery there. This waterfall and lake is part of the Gambhir River in this area.

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Freeze dew drops in the morning

In winter season, the temperature in the Soon Valley normally drops below freezing point in the night. Due to low temperature, the falling dew drops in the night becomes ice on the grass and all of items in the open areas near grass and plants. Vehicles parked in the grounds have iced on their surface in the morning, so one you have de-freeze the ice before move on.

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Boating in Khabbaki Lake

You can also enjoy boating at Khabbaki Lake. Motor boat is available there, so you can get beautiful views of lake from the boat in the center of lake. You can also feel the wonderful weather of the Soon Valley while boating at Khabbaki Lake

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Deep Descended Passage Kenhatti Garden

Passage to Kenhatti Garden is 10KM drive on the mountains with share bends, deep descends, and with narrow treks. There are number of beautiful picturesque views with rocks on mountains, green trees and cool breeze. Before 3 km, there is deep broader view of Kenhatti garden area, surrounded by beautiful mountains.

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Nammal Lake going to Die

The most of areas in central Punjab in Pakistan become total dry in the months of summer season due to shortage of rain. As Punjab has wonderful canal system to irrigate such lands, but still there is wide area still need water.

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Dried stream near Quetta

In Balochistan, there are number of seasonal streams and rivers, which flows in raining season and remains dried in winter season. Peoples in this area, mostly use water from the natural ponds and from underground water streams. In the surrounding of Quetta city, there are number of such streams.

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Streams in Shaban Valley

There are number of beautiful small streams and waterfalls in Shaban Valley, which becomes an attraction for tourist in this valley.

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Stream from Manthokha Waterfall

There is beautiful bridge over the stream coming from Waterfall, which finally joins with the the Indus River tributary.

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Crossing the Stream on Road

There are number of streams crossing over the roads in Deosai Plains. Vehicles are used to cross the roads, but that is not easy job sometimes. You have to cross such roads with due care as scrolling stones sometimes burst the tyre of your vehicle.

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