10 most beautiful Hill Stations in azad-kashmir Pakistan

Sharda Valley

Sharda Valley

Sharda is a small hill station in the Neelum Valley and located at a distance of 136 km from Muzaffarabad at an altitude of 1,981 meters. It is one of the most beautiful valleys and is famous for its charming scenic attraction. Sharda Valley is located on the foot of two peaks, Sharda and Nardi. There are historical ruins of Hindu temples dedicated to the goddess Sharda. It remains a center point for Hinduism and Buddhism in the ninth century.

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Kel is the most attractive and charming location for tourists at the altitude of 6,879 feet at a distance of 155 km from Muzaffarabad in Neelum Valley. It is the base camp to start your journey toward Taobat, Shounter Valley, Chitta Katha Lake, and Arang Kel.

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Kaschanatar is located near LOC, next to Bhimber in Azad Kashmir, at a distance of 117 km from Islamabad at an altitude of 390 meters. The Himalayan ranges in this valley are low-lying foothills so local residents make the forms by carving for irrigating crops such as wheat and corn. The Chanar stream flows in the center of the valley and is the main source of water for irrigation and other usages. This valley has historical importance, as the area was remained in use by Mughal Emperors 200 years ago.

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On the bank of Neelum River and just on the LOC, there is a beautiful valley called Keran at the altitude of 5,000 feet. There is a splendid view of the Neelum River at this point and one can enjoy fishing there too. Upper Keran is more beautiful small village at the top, and you can have a clear view of mountain ranges in the Indian held Kashmir there.

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Muzaffarabad, located on the confluence of Jhelum River and Neelum River, is the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. The splendid view of the confluence of the Jhelum and Neelum rivers at Domel attracts a number of visitors to enjoy the riversides. Its name was given due to Sultan Muzaffar Khan, leader of the Bomba tribe, who ruled Kashmir in 1646.

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Toli Pir

Toli Pir is a vast hilltop area situated at a distance of 30km from Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir at an altitude of 8,800 feet above sea level. It is the highest mountain top in this region so you get a bird's eye view of Bagh and Poonch Rivers from Toli Pir.

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Rawalakot, known as Pearl Valley, is located in Azad Jammu and Kashmir in the Pir Panjal Range at the elevation of 5,374 feet having a distance of 120 km from Rawalpindi via Kahuta on the Rawalakot Road. It is also accessible from Abbottabad by Sudhan Gali Road, then turns right on the Bagh Highway, and finally move on Rawalakot Road at Arja.

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Arang Kel Neelum Valley

Arang Kel is a small village near Kel and located on the hilltop at the distance of 2km on the height of 8,379 feet. It is just on the LOC, behind the mountain in front of you. There is no road to the village, so the only way to come here is a chairlift or hiking trek of two hours.

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Leepa Valley

The Valley is located at a distance of 105 km on metaled road from Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is an attractive place for tourists, situated on mountains covered with pine trees. It can be accessed from Muzaffarabad to Reshian which is at an altitude of 10500 feet at sea level and then a jeep must be hired to cover the remaining 38 km, descends into the valley at an altitude of 5500 feet at sea level. Tourist visits this valley to enjoy its splendid beauty. The overall valley is divided into Reshian, Leepa, Chananian, and Reshian Dao Khan.

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Pir Chinsai

Pir Chinasi is a beautiful tourist spot situated in Muzaffarabad at the distance of 30 km on the top of hills at an altitude of 9,500 feet. There is a shire of a famous saint, Pir Hussain Shah Bukhari, on the top of the hill, that's why its name called as Pir Chinasi.

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