Top 10 most beautiful Hill Stations in balochistan Pakistan

Pishin Valley

Pishin district is located at a distance of 50 km from Quetta in the northwest of Balochistan near the Afghanistan border, a real beautiful valley as consist of thousands of gardens full of fruits and flowers. It is the good source of crops, fruits and vegetables.

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Shaban Valley

Shaban is an attractive tourist point at the distance of 35 km from Quetta. It is full of green orchards of apples and other fruits. Travelling toward Shaban valley is not easy on non-metallic and damaged road, but one loves its natural beauty.

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Ziarat is located in Balochistan at the distance of 130 km from Quetta. It is a beautiful hill station in Balochistan surrounding by mountains that receive heavy snowfall in winter, which makes it more attractive and charming. Khalifat Hill is the highest peak at an elevation of 11,400 feet in the Ziarat district. The importance of this city is due to Quid-e-Azam Residency. Quid-e-Azam, founder of Pakistan.

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Chutair Tangi Ziarat

Chutair Tangi is one of the gorges along the road leads Ziarat City. Theare are more than six gorges around Ziarat, which are formed due to sprig water from the mountains. These natural streams in Balochistan are known as Karez.

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Prospect Point Ziarat

Prospect Point is located 6km from Ziarat city at an altitude of 2,713 meters, which gives a splendid view of Koshki Valley. It is on the hill surrounded by Ziarat city. At the top of the hill, you will get a beautiful view of the valley sloping downside.From the top of the hill, you can also get a wonderful view of the highest peak in this area, known as Khilafat having a height of 3,487 meters.

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Winter in Ziarat

In winter season, Ziarat covers with snow everywhere, that attracts number of tourists from all over Pakistan. It becomes more beautiful and attractive due to heavy snow in whole valley.

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